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Hi! I’m Edmund Andrada, and I am a local artist from the dubbed most creative city in the Philippines, Baguio. I got a degree in Fine Arts at the University of The Philippines Baguio in 2009.

A great deal of my artworks is inclined to Musical art and Surrealism. Like any young boy, I fell in love with rock music and learned how to play the guitar by age ten. My biggest influencer is the great surrealist artist Salvador Dali and the works of the Renaissance masters, thus molding my paintings in the realism technique. My trademark style involves bending and twisting strings in my paintings. My mother was a professional knitter, so all her threads and yarn was a stockpile in our house. Imagination played with my mind mix that with my passion for music, and that is how my style emerged.

Edmund Andrada, Guitar Art | Aim First Impressions 2013


Eventually, as likely with some other artists, I too fell weary with my style.  I felt jaded, so after ten years, I let go of the strings and started exploring other art techniques. Cubism seemed like the right choice at the time, so if you check my gallery, I played with this style for over a year (2014-2015).

Again, I still wasn’t ready to pick up the guitar art, so I continued exploring, and that is how the Cordillera Series came to be (2016). I went back to my Cordillera theme. As a Baguio City resident, I believe I am Cordillera by heart though not by blood. When I was a student, Ethnic and tribal life was the subject of my artworks.

2017 was a very inspirational year for me, as I was waiting for my son to be born, I felt a great wave of inspiration for the art subject of Life itself. It was also the year that I went back to my guitar art style. Since then, I knew in my heart that this was indeed my signature work. 

Edmund Andrada, Cubism | Awit para sa Kanya 2014


2019 – Emergence of a new art. For the longest time that I was painting non-living subjects, I wanted to paint a figure, but I did not want it to be a person. So I used my mannequin frame as a model, and a new form of art was born.

Woodworking has always been my hobby, so it was perfect. After the first painting, I created more mannequin themed paintings, and it was satisfactory. That is why I see myself carrying on with the mannequin series.

Edmund Andrada, Mannequin | Seed Of Life 2019

Art Subjects

Music is the dominant influence of my art. It fostered my prime technique.

I am a nature-lover in my core. I use my art to share the beauty of the environment.

People are fascinating. I look to my icons and outstanding people for inspiration.

I love animals. What’s not to love? I have a soft spot for them because I grew up having animals around the house, so at times they get into my paintings.

Edmund C Andrada, Competition | Malayang Paglalakbay 2017


I love joining competitions. It’s a great way to meet other Artists and an excellent way to feature your style and display camaraderie.

Artist Interview


Here you will find a collection of publications, snippets of news interviews, and other Artist reviews. A timeline of my artist journey. 

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Edmund Andrada, Saan Nga Ba Tayo Nagmula wip 2019

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